VESi Reading Fundamentals #1



VESi Reading Fundamentals #1

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Course Description

Reading Fundamentals #1:

An Introduction to Scientifically-based Research

EDUC 596V: 2 semester CE grad credits $305
C0096: 3 CEUs $200

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The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 mandates the use of scientifically-based research in programs receiving federal funding that deal with remedial readers (Fleishman, Kohlmoos, & Rotherham, 2003). The concept of scientifically-validated methods is so prevalent in the legislation that it appears 110 times when referring to Reading First (Slavin, 2003) (i.e., to date, the largest, most focused early reading initiative in the U.S.). The purpose of this course is to help improve your knowledge of science and the scientific process. This knowledge will make you a more informed consumer and an even better advocate for students. This is the first course in a three-course series.