AM2 Online Master's +



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AM2 Online Master's +

If you're a Montessori educator, St. Catherine University offers you an online pathway toward completing your master's degree, improving learning in your classroom, and developing your potential as an innovator in the Montessori profession.

Next steps

Recognizing your prior Montessori training

In the AM2 (Acknowledging Montessori for a Master's) program, St. Kate's will grant you up to 15 graduate credits for training you've already completed for your Montessori teaching credential. If you've completed Montessori certification through a teacher education program accredited by MACTE, you'll have the opportunity to have your learning evaluated for St. Catherine University graduate credit. For early childhood/primary or elementary credentials, up to 15 graduate credits will be granted. For infant/toddler credentials, 12 graduate credits will be granted.

Note:  Upper elementary stand alone programs are not accredited by MACTE and cannot be granted credit through AM2.  If you have any questions about MACTE accreditation see

Building on your knowledge, and transforming Montessori teaching

Your next step is to complete the remaining 16 or more credits required for your Master of Arts in Education degree. You'll learn collaboratively with Montessori educators from around the world.  You'll become innovators and leaders in your profession.  AM2 students are improving teaching and learning — and transforming the Montessori profession — by completing authentic research and putting the results to work.  Find out more about the program of study 

Convenient online learning — for Montessori educators everywhere

To complete your 16 graduate credits, you'll proceed through a series of online courses. You'll learn with a "cohort," a collegial group of Montessori educators from diverse locations. Your experience begins with a 2-3 day, face-to-face experience in which you'll get connected to faculty and fellow students and oriented to the program, followed by 1 year of online study. Find out more about scheduling for upcoming cohorts 

Eligibility: State of residence

Enrollment in the AM2 program is open to students residing in the United States and other countries. At this time individuals residing in Alabama and Wisconsin are not eligible for admission.