Program of Study



Program of Study

In each course, you’ll learn the latest research in pedagogy and seek ways to apply it directly to your own classroom. 

You'll start the program in fall, spring or summer, and take one course at a time (30 graduate credits total) over five consecutive terms. Because the program incorporates teachers' summer opportunities for learning, you can complete the program in less than two years.

Each week, in each course, you’ll interact with your instructors and other students on your learning team through e-mail and the web-based D2L learning platform. Learning is largely “asynchronous,” meaning you can work when it makes the most sense for your schedule.

Getting started: On-campus kickoff

At the beginning of your first term, you'll come to our St. Paul, Minnesota campus for a one-day, face-to-face learning experience. You'll get an in-depth orientation to the program, get to know faculty members, and connect with colleagues in your student cohort. 

Students starting in Summer 2015 will kick off the program with a one day experience on Saturday, May 30.

Term I

  • EDUC 600D: The Teacher in the Classroom
  • EDUC 642D: Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Term II

  • EDUC 643D: Teaching and Learning in an Academically Diverse Classroom 

Term III

  • EDUC 652D: Alternative Assessment Models 

Term IV

  • EDUC 667D: Introduction to Action Research 
  • EDUC 658D: Classrooms by Design

Term V

  • (a) EDUC 670D: Integration Seminar
  • (b) EDUC 892D: Action Research Project
  • EDUC 680D: Teacher as Educational Leaders

For detailed course descriptions, visit the Graduate Academic Catalog.