Why St. Kate's



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Why St. Kate's

Designed for busy educators like you, every aspect of the program was created with the teaching professional in mind, allowing you to balance your education without interrupting your career.

Online Format

A visit to our St. Paul campus is required for only one day during the entire program — making the program ideal for busy teachers everywhere.

A Personal Touch

While most coursework is completed online, you will get to know your peers and professors on a personal level.

Individual attention and personal instruction — via telephone or online — are hallmarks of our program. In evaluations, many of our students tell us they are able to integrate what they learn immediately in their own classrooms.

Learning teams

Course work is completed both individually and with your learning team, composed of you and one or more of your teacher colleagues. It’s in keeping with the program’s emphasis on personal connections and shared learning.

How and when your team works depends on your preference as a group. Some teams meet in person, before or after school hours or on weekends; others interact entirely online.

Staying Current

Because teaching is constantly evolving, each course in the program is revised and rewritten every 12 months. At St. Kate’s, we recognize the importance of constantly modernizing curriculum so our graduates are prepared to stay on the cutting edge.

Teaching with Technology

Our program emphasizes bringing technology into your classroom. We introduce you to new technologies and build on that knowledge throughout every course in the program, giving you the knowledge you need to implement them in your own classroom.

A Leadership Focus

Leadership education is integrated into all programs at St. Catherine University. The curriculum and instruction program stresses the leadership components of teaching.

You will learn new models of teaching in the United States and new ways to integrate aesthetics, behaviors and ethics into your curriculum.