Endorsements: Communication Arts and Literature

Endorsements: Communication Arts and Literature

The communication arts and literature middle level endorsement consists of two education courses and 6 courses from the English and communication studies departments.

All courses are four credits unless otherwise indicated.


  • EDUC 7740: Special Methods: Middle-Level Communication Arts and Literature
  • EDUC 7450: Literature for Young Adults

Communication Studies

  • COMM 1020: Communication Dynamics in Personal Relationships
  • COMM 2050: Media, Culture and Society


  • ENGL 1250: Human Experience in Literature or other 2000-level literature course which fulfills the core literature requirement
  • ENGL 2305: Writing for Life: Developing Skill and Confidence
  • ENGL 2350: Rhetorical Grammar
  • One additional English literature course approved by the English department chair