Endorsements: Social Studies

Endorsements: Social Studies

The middle level endorsement for social studies consists of one education course, two courses in history, and one course each in economicspolitical sciencesociology and geography.

All courses are four credits unless otherwise noted.


  • EDUC 7743: Special Methods: Middle-Level Social Studies


  • ECON 2610: Principles of Microeconomics OR ECON 2620: Principles of Macroeconomics


  • GEOG 2000: Human Geography 


  • HIST 1060: Modern Europe (or any other History course other than American)
  • HIST 1200: Survey of US Political and Social History, 1600-1900 OR HIST 2200: Twentieth Century America

Political Science

  • POSC 2010: American Government and Politics 


  • SOCI 1000: Principles and Concepts of Sociology 

For detailed course descriptions, visit the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.