World Languages and Cultures - French

World Languages and Cultures - French

The World Languages and Cultures - French K–12 content area is designed for those looking to teach the French language to students at all grade levels.

Prerequisite course work

Students enrolling in this content area must have proficiency in French to an intermediate level (FREN 2120: Intermediate French II or its equivalent).

Study abroad

All French content-area students are encouraged to study in a French-speaking country. Courses taken abroad with prior approval of the department chair may apply to the program.

Required courses

This content area consists of the requirements for K–12 licensure, plus four graduate-level courses at St. Catherine and the University of St. Thomas and an undergraduate French major at St. Kate’s.

You must complete all required courses in your content area prior to beginning the master’s-level course sequence. Upon admission, you will work with an adviser to tailor a course sequence to fit your individual needs.


At St. Kate’s:

  • EDUC 7920: Student Teaching and Seminar in World Languages and Culture: Elementary
  • EDUC 7930: Student Teaching and Seminar in World Languages and Culture: Secondary

At the University of St. Thomas:

  • TEGR580-01: Curriculum and Instruction: World Languages and Culture K-12
  • TEGR547-01: Field Experience III: (K-12) World Languages and Culture


French Composition:

  • FREN 3060: Introduction to Literary Analysis

French Literature:

  • FREN 3130: Survey of French Literature I
  • FREN 3140: Survey of French Literature II

French Civilization:

  • FREN 3250: French and Francophone Civilization/Cultures

Other requirements:

  • FREN 2990: Topics
  • FREN 4860: Seminar

Courses numbered below 5000 are undergraduate courses; courses 5000 and above are graduate courses. For detailed course descriptions, visit the Graduate Academic Catalog or the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.