Standard/Bulk Mail

  • Rates for all USPS classes of mail will change. First class stamps will...
  • Rates for all USPS classes of mail will change. First class stamps will...
  • Rates for all USPS classes of mail will change. First class stamps will...



Standard/Bulk Mail

Standard or "Bulk" mail can significantly reduce the cost associated with a large mailing. Standard Mail rates are available for advertising, newsletters, bulletins, and catalogs. You cannot use Standard Mail to send personal correspondence or items like bills and statements because they are time-sensitive.

The Postal Service offers discounts for Standard mailings because you do some of the work otherwise done by the Postal Service, like sorting by ZIP Code and transporting the mail to a different postal facility. Departments on campus pay off-site vendors to do this work. Communication Mailing Services is our preferred Standard Mail vendor and Dave Dean has worked with many departments throughout the years and can guide you through the process.

Minimum Piece Count

The minimum quantity for Standard Mail is 200 pieces. However, the approximate break-even point for a Standard Mail is 500 pieces because of the extra labor costs involved in sending a mailing to a vendor like CMS.

Necessary Paperwork for Standard Mailings

We have an advanced payment permit account with the Post Office. If this trust account is empty when a mailing is sent to the USPS for processing it will be refused until there is money to cover the postage.

Departmental users must submit the Mailing Instructions form available at the Post Office window at least 1 week prior to the anticipated mailing date of your Standard Mail. This ensures that there is enough time to have the funds available in the account to cover your mailing.

Please request the Standard Mail Instructions Form from Once you complete the form, return it to


There are two costs associated with a Standard Mail once it has been printed and is at the mail house. The first charge is the actual postage amount. The other charge covers labor including all services provided to you or requested by you at the mail house. Some of these services include: address application, bar-coding, standardizing your address list to Postal regulations, checking your list for duplicates, CASS Certification and National Change of Address verification.

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