Branding and Visual Identity



Branding and Visual Identity

Guidelines for Logo Usage

The logo must be present on all St. Catherine University communications. As the primary graphic identity for the institution, the primary logo (or wordmark logo for small spaces) must appear on all communications, including brochures, advertising, stationery, business cards and the University website.

Primary Logo

250 pixel 268 LOGO

Our primary logo is the common thread throughout communications for St. Catherine University and should be the starting point in the creation of all marketing materials, whether in print or online.

Consistent usage and placement of the logo will establish the University’s name and institutional credence without distracting from your message.

This primary logo must measure a minimum of 2 inches wide. If you do not have sufficient space to accommodate 2 inches, please use the WORDMARK.

Wordmark Logo

150 pixel wordmark

The wordmark logo is an alternative to the primary logo. Use it only in instances where space requires the primary logo to be smaller than 2 inches wide. The same usage rules apply to the wordmark logo as to the primary logo.

DO NOT create your own version of the logos.

Do not create secondary (sub) logos to represent a center, institute or department. St. Catherine Schools and Colleges have existing sublogos. Contact the Marketing and Communications Department with any questions about logo and sublogo usage.

Treat the logo as artwork, not as typography.

Do not create a facsimile of the logo with type.

Placement of the logo

The logo/wordmark should always appear offset to the left or right on a page, not centered. This placement is part of the design and provides a logical point to align address or other text below. (Refer to University letterhead as an example or Templates section.)

DO NOT manipulate the logo in any way.

This rule includes but is not restricted to surrounding boxes, shadows, outlines and embellishments. Always maintain the original proportions. Do not stretch, compress or warp the logo.

DO NOT use the rose window element by itself.

Small rosewindow_268.jpg

Always use either the entire logo or simply the wordmark.

DO NOT compress the logo.

Crossed out Smooched Logo

DO NOT warp the logo.

Crossed out Squished Logo

DO NOT surround the logo with a shape.

Crossed out Boxed Logo

Give the logo its own space.

clearzone logo

A clear zone equal to the logo height (H, above) around the logo is desirable for visibility. Always plan your documents to allow adequate space for the University logo or wordmark.