Photographer taking a picture of the viewer


Marketing and Communications uses both student and professional photographers for the University magazine, SCAN, as well as the printed materials and websites we produce. We do not employ a full-time photographer, nor are we staffed to meet all of the University’s photographic needs. 

About the Photo Bureau

If you need a photographer for a University-sponsored event, please send an email at least two weeks in advance to PhotoBureau. Outline your needs with as much detail as possible, including the date, time and location of the event, what budget you may have and how you plan to utilize the photos. 

Someone from the Office of Marketing and Communications will be in touch with you. Please understand that submitting a request does not guarantee we can meet your needs.

We give highest priority to photography that can be used for the University's news site, externally focused website and printed materials. Our Photo Bureau is staffed by students who work limited hours.

Photos for presentations

If you are looking for campus scene photos or a various special event photos, check the St. Catherine Flickr albums. If the Flickr albums do not have what you need, please use the Photo Request Form to inquire whether we have a particular photo(s) for your needs.