Social Media Registry

Social Media Registry

St. Catherine University is continuing to build its presence in social media. Our official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels are drawing more attention, initiating good conversations and generating great creative content.


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Marketing and Communications welcomes the chance to work with individuals, groups or departments who want to create their own social media sites on behalf of the University. We will ask you to agree to the conditions laid out in the Social Media Registry Policy.

Communicating with key stakeholders, participating in an authentic dialogue with your audiences, marketing your programs and events — all are excellent reasons to engage in social media on behalf of St. Catherine University.

Be aware, however, that the primary benefit of social media — the ability to communicate broadly and instantaneously — carries with it a responsibility to protect the University’s reputation in the event of defamation or inaccuracy.

Any individual, group or department that proposes to represent St. Catherine University on Facebook or Twitter must first submit a written request to the Office of Marketing and Communication to be considered for the University’s Social Media Registry. Think about your goals and intentions, how you’ll manage this channel and who its intended audience will be.

Social Media Registry Policy

To be accepted into St. Kate’s Social Media Registry (which allows you to use the University logo and a contact person here), you must agree to:

  • Designate a full-time St. Catherine University employee, not a student, as the owner or administrator of your site(s).
  • Students may work on and contribute to social media sites, but they may not be the owner/administrator.
  • When or if your administrator leaves the institution, you agree to name a replacement immediately, or your sites may be taken down;
  • Participate in training provided by the Marketing and Communications Social Media Team and cooperate with semi-regular audits of your site(s).
  • Provide log-in and password information to the Social Media Team;
  • Ensure that any professor, staff member, student or alumna/us of St. Catherine University identify herself or himself as such in your social media spaces;
  • Monitor your sites regularly for any conversation, photos or videos that may libel, threaten or otherwise damage the institution or any people associated with it;
  • Ensure that your content is relevant and fresh, and abide by the branding and other guidelines laid out in the Social Media Best Practices statement;
  • Immediately contact a member of the Marketing and Communications Social Media Team should you see a post or conversation that could damage the University’s reputation, in any way.

This policy excludes Web pages or blogs maintained independently, on personal time, by faculty, staff and students.