Social Media Registry Policy



Social Media Registry Policy

Social media is an important component of the University's communications strategy.  Representing the University on social media channels is a commitment to building and protecting the brand.

Any individual, group or department that proposes to represent St. Catherine University on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media channel must first submit a project request form to the Office of Marketing and Communication outlining your basic social media plan.

Social Media Plan Basics

  1. Determine your goals
  2. What resources (personnel, time, budget) will you provide
  3. What do you know about your audience(s)
  4. Commit to creating or curating engaging content (think quality, not necessarily quantity)
  5. Create a schedule for content
  6. Think about how you will respond when things go wrong
  7. How will you define success?

Setting up a University-sanctioned social media channel

To use the University logo and designate a page as an University social media channel you will need to:

  • Designate a full-time St. Catherine University employee, not a student, as the owner or administrator of your site(s).
    • Students may work on and contribute to social media sites, but they may not be the owner/administrator.
    • When, or if, your administrator leaves the institution, you agree to name a replacement.
  • Ensure that the overall look of your channel adheres to University brand standards, and that the channel name and descriptions follow University editorial style (including no use of "SCU").

    Consistent naming helps followers find our pages easily. Starting March 15, 2015, any new social media account should adhere to the following naming standards:

    • On Facebook: St. Catherine University should precede the department or organization's name. For example, St. Catherine University ASL & Interpreting Department, St. Catherine University Athletics. St. Kate's is an acceptable option to precede officially recognized undergraduate clubs, organizations or resources. For example, St. Kate's Ceramics
    • On Twitter: StKates should precede any department or officially recognized student organization name. For example: @StKatesWheel, @StKatesAMP
  • Immediately alert a member of the Marketing and Communications Social Media Team -  Julie Michener or Sharon Rolenc - should you see a post or conversation that could damage the University’s reputation

Web pages or blogs maintained independently, on personal time, by faculty, staff and students are not considered official University channels.

View the full list of current, University-recognized social media channels on our Social Media Registry.