Marketing and Management


Marketing and management is fast-paced and exciting, especially in this competitive global economy. St. Kate’s business students are confident, ambitious and focused. They’re also team players ready to make sound, ethical business decisions and clearly communicate the implications.

St. Kate’s marketing and management major prepares you to manage people, products and services in one marketplace after another — locally and internationally. You learn important marketing concepts, such as competitive analysis and value proposition, and understand how various marketing processes work, including product development, pricing, brand management, ecommerce, advertising and public relations — to name a few.

Unique to St. Kate’s

An ethics component is weaved into every business course at St. Kate's — a curricular commitment that has made us a model for other universities. Our faculty members present ethical principles and moral or ethical problems in case studies or class discussion and then encourage you to examine or solve them. In this era of corporate scandals, we want you to know how to solve ethical dilemmas and stay true to your own convictions.

Rich and relevant curriculum

Our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills employers seek. In the “Integrated Marketing Communications” class, you work with an actual business or client to solve a marketing concern. (For example, groups of our students collaborate with many businesses in the Highland Business Association in St. Paul to create communication plans and conduct market research.)

In our "Business Practicum" course, you pair a supervised internship off-campus with classroom seminars where you can evaluate your fieldwork experience with your peers and professor. In “International Marketing and Management,” you study globalization, international trade organizations, product adaptations and approaches to intercultural negotiating.

Tech and Internet savvy

You learn about digital imaging, databases, discussion boards, project management and diagramming software, telecommunications, and a host of other business technology and information systems as a marketing and management major at St. Kate’s. You also become proficient with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint because that’s what you’ll use for business analysis and project presentations.

In business administration classes, instructors invite working professionals like Reid Sellgren, owner, and Paul Jonas, digital communications coordinator for Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota, to speak about Web-based marketing and social media in today's marketplace.

Business portfolio

At St. Kate's, you're required to develop a business portfolio that showcases your skills, knowledge and experiences in marketing and management. The portfolio is cumulative in nature. You complete most of it as part of your coursework. Having a professional portfolio is valuable at job interviews — when you need to prove that you're the right person for the position.

Inspiring role models

Our professors are enthusiastic teachers and diligent researchers with real-world and international business experience. Professor Mary Henderson, for example, was vice president of Musicland before coming to St. Kate's.

Thriving business scene

St. Kate’s is located in a hub of entrepreneurial ventures, nonprofit agencies and Fortune 500 companies — among them Target, Best Buy, General Mills, 3M, Medtronic, The Travelers Companies and U.S. Bancorp. Each year, more than 70 companies recruit interns and employees at St. Kate's career fair, the largest among private colleges in Minnesota.

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