St. Kate’s Marketplace offers a secure way to collect online checking, savings and credit card payments. It provides campus departments and organizations with an online tool to organize, operate and manage payments for events, products and general payments.

Marketplace feeds transactions directly to each individual department's revenue account in Banner.  Visit the Marketplace Mall to see the departments who currently have payment sites.

Marketplace may only be used for events that require a payment.  Registration for events that have no fee can be created using Googledocs.  Please contact the Help Desk for assistance with creating events with no payment.

Benefits of Using Marketplace

  • Convenient – Gather registration and demographic information, as well as process payments for your organization in a single transaction. 
  • Customized Sites – Each site is designed to meet each department or organization’s individual needs. 
  • Recurring Payments and Donation Options – Allow for one-time or recurring payments such as donations or dues.
  • Update Finance System – Feed transactions directly to Banner accounts and assign codes to individual stores, products or sites.