Responsibilites & Guidelines



Responsibilites & Guidelines

Let's get started!

  • Meet with the Marketplace implementation team to determine your departmental needs
  • Departments will be responsible for monitoring reports and/or fulfilling orders
  • Departments are responsible for ensuring that University policies and procedures are followed regarding on-line security and product integrity, as specified in Le Guide

Before completing your initial site request:

  • You will need your department name
  • You will need your department's budget number
  • You will need details about your event, product, or general payment
  • You will need to know the data you want gathered
  • You will need an approved image (otherwise a standard image will be used)

Once your initial site request is complete:

  • You will be responsible for viewing and verifying that the site information is accurate
  • You will be responsible for monitoring the activity on the site
  • You will be responsible for fielding questions from users
  • Your department will be assessed bank fees on a monthly basis for credit card transactions