Master of Arts in Theology Degree



Master of Arts in Theology Degree

A Master of Arts in Theology degree will give you the academic and spiritual tools to make an impact your community of faith.

Required Courses

The following courses are required for a Master of Arts in Theology:

THEO 6100: Old Testament Texts: A Critical Study
THEO 6200: New Testament Texts: A Critical Study
THEO 6440: History of Spirituality I: Early Church to Reformation
THEO 6540: History of Spirituality II: Reformation to Vatican II

Plus two of the following:

THEO 6700: God and Christ
THEO 6800: Church and Sacraments
THEO 6900: Christian Ethics

THEO 6980: Comprehensive Examination

Upon completing the required courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0, you are considered a candidate for the Master of Arts in Theology. At this point, you will take a written comprehensive exam on the total program of studies.


Eight additional credits are selected from the following electives:

THEO 6020: Pastoral Theology
THEO 6030: Educating for Life: Religious Education in Christian Communities
THEO 6060: Issues in Pastoral Theology
THEO 6090: Passing on the Faith: The Ministry of Faith Formation
THEO 6300: Advanced Scripture
THEO 6720: Spirituality and Leadership
THEO 6740: Introduction to Spiritual Direction
THEO 6750: Foundational Issues in Spiritual Direction
THEO 6760: Family Spirituality
THEO 6770: World Spiritualities
THEO 6780: Spirituality and the Life Stages
THEO 6790: Jung and Spiritual Guidance
THEO 6810: Biblical Spirituality
THEO 6820: The Art of Discernment
THEO 6830: Spirituality and Sexuality
THEO 6850: Liturgical Spirituality
THEO 6952: Independent Study

Practicum, master’s thesis and additional course options


THEO 7754 or THEO 7764: Practicum
The practicum provides an opportunity to put theory into practice and practice into theory. It supplements the academic study as an indispensable, though not dominant, part of the program. Your practicum can focus on spiritual direction, pastoral ministry with a strong spirituality component, or catechetical ministry.

THEO 8990: Master's Thesis
The thesis is an in-depth research paper on a selected topic in theology or spirituality. The paper is conceived and written with the guidance of a thesis director and is encouraged for those planning to pursue a doctorate degree.

Additional course option
For those who wish to strengthen their theological background by taking an additional four-credit course in the area that best serves their aims.