Mathematics text books on a shelf

Enjoy solving problems? Mathematics teaches patterns of problem solving and provides insights that help explain many situations or empirical phenomenon. At St. Kate's, we give you a solid background in theoretical and applied math and computer science — plus the skills employers seek, such as the ability to think critically and communicate clearly.

As a St. Kate's math major, you'll be well prepared to explore diverse careers in many areas, including business, industry, service and education.

Unique to St. Kate's

You'll study mathematics in an environment that stresses close student-faculty interaction, research and individual support. You'll also feel part of the "math family" pretty quickly with our small class sizes.

St. Kate's faculty are enthusiastic teachers and respected scholars with a broad range of interests. They're also on a first-name basis with students. "I love this," says math major Angela Zarich. "We're treated as equals."

STEM leader

St. Kate's is a national leader in STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The University's National Center for STEM Elementary Education offers nationally recognized educational programs and teacher-training modules that foster STEM proficiency in women.

State-of-the-art technology

St. Kate's classroom for statistics and differential equation is equipped with the latest technology. These include Mathematica, a software program used in scientific, engineering and mathematical fields, and other areas of technical computing; MATLAB for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis and numerical calculations; and SPSS Statistics to get and manage data.

The "math suite"

This second home to math majors has study tables, a whiteboard, several Mac computers, a tutor on duty and a library of math publications. It's located on the fourth floor of Mendel Hall, right by the faculty offices — so you can easily ask a question.

The math suite is also perfect for homework, says student Kristal Jameson. "It's usually quiet, and I can stay and work until about 10 p.m. when the building closes."

Flexible program

Combine St. Kate's math major with your other interests — and bring a more competitive set of skills to the workplace. Alumna Laura Nelson paired math, history and political science. Math major Marie Manner's interest in computer science and artificial intelligence led to a final project on wavelets and their applications, including medical imaging, signal processing and computer graphics.

Dual-degree offering

Math majors have also pursued St. Kate's dual degree in engineering offered in partnership with the University of Minnesota and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Professional development

Each year, we hire math majors and minors as tutors and teaching assistants to help with group work and student questions. These positions allow you to develop closer working relationships with professors and peers. The math department also nominates 10 students annually for honorary membership into the Association for Women in Mathematics.

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