MIPS works to strengthen community among students of color and international students through programs and events. MIPS hosts gatherings throughout the year, about two per semester, to welcome students, staff, and faculty and build a stronger community.

Fall Retreat

This retreat, held every fall, helps international and students of color forge a community with one another, get to know MIPS staff and work on personal and leadership development.

The MIPS Fall Leadership Retreat provides students a place to learn new leadership skills, connect with other women of color,  to reflect on their stories and experiences, and to learn more about themselves and others.

The retreat is a two day experience that takes place at a True Friends Conference and Retreat Center. This year's retreat will take place at Camp Friendship in Annandale, MN. Throughout the weekend, retreat participants will have a chance to:

  • Participate in team activities and dialogues
  • Learn from student-led workshops on topics relevant to their experiences as student leaders and as women of color
  • Find time to reflect quietly on their past journey and the journey ahead
  • Express their hopes, frustrations, barriers, dreams and stories
  • Meet other students of color and create sincere relationships
  • Have fun and relax

Sometimes, we all need to set time aside to be reflective of our lives and our goals, so that we can nurture parts of ourselves to become even stronger.

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If you are interested in participating, call 651.690.6784 or stop by the MIPS Office in CdC 280 on the St. Paul Campus. A required deposit of $30.00 will be returned to you, if and when you attend the retreat.

Graduates of Color Recognition Dinner

MIPS assists students in preparing a semi-formal ceremony and dinner to recognize graduating international students and students of color. This ceremony recognizes both male and female graduates at all degree levels (certificate, associate, bachelor, and graduate).

If you are interested in attending or helping plan, please contact Roslyn Udairam at 651.690.6138 or