Financial Counseling



Financial Counseling

Meet with a Peer Money Mentor (PMM)

St. Kate's PMMs are available to meet for one-on-one counseling appointments or to do educational group workshops. Areas of expertise in which they can assist students include:

  • Basic Budgeting
  • Spending Less and Saving More
  • Finding Scholarships and Student Loans
  • Tracking Loans and Understanding Aid
  • Creatively Couponing
  • Understanding Credit and How to Build It
  • Understanding Your Student Account Bill

They are also willing to assist with any financial topic of interest to you or your group and will research it. Simply contact the office with your request to meet or to do a workshop at least two weeks in advance.

Meet with a Certified Credit Counselor

Lutheran Social Services (LSS) Financial Counseling offers trustworthy assistance with in-depth credit, debt and money issues. The organization's Colleen Anson, who is a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor, can counsel you and/or your family through budgeting techniques, credit report reviews and debt management resources.  

Ms. Anson visits campus twice a month during the fall and spring semesters to conduct appointments. This is a free service provided by the Money Management Program.  St. Kate's students have access to up to six confidential financial education counseling sessions with Colleen. You are also welcome to meet with her or one of her colleagues at their office locations; inquire when you call. Learn how to schedule time with Colleen Anson and get to know her here!

In addition to providing Ms. Anson's services to campus, LSS's mission is to empower people to overcome their financial worries and emerge with the knowledge to manage their finances. We encourage you to utilize their free online resources as needed:

Student Financial Counseling Experiences

Curious to know what happens at a financial counseling appointment? Let your sister student explain it to you! Students' financial counseling experiences