Scholarship Resources



Scholarship Resources

Tips on looking for scholarships

  • Apply for every scholarship that you feel you have a chance to win. Don't just go after huge awards. If you are eligible for several $1,000 awards, apply for them. They can add up.
  • Adhere to college scholarship deadlines. Don't underestimate the amount of time that it will take to complete an application.
  • Surf websites such as, which are free scholarship databases.
  • Shop around. Many corporations, such as Coca-Cola, Target and Best Buy, offer money for students, as do churches, fraternities, sororities, and professional and social, and professional and social organizations, i.e., IT Associations, Nurses Associations, Social Workers Associations.
  • Register and attend college fairs at your school. CollegeWeekLive hosts an online virtual college fair that offers free assistance on funding your college education. If in college check back with your high school for resources.
  • Watch out for scholarship scams that want you to pay for information. You can get information for free from publications at your local library or online.
  • Begin your research today.

Some St. Kate's scholarships

Scholarship resources

  • College Scholarships »
    Searches by several categories (including state of residence)to find scholarships. The site does not directly link to scholarships, but gives scholarship names/categories.
  • Paying for College Student Resource Guide »
    An extensive list of scholarships organized by deadline date. This list is put out by Californian Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard.