Program Offerings



Program Offerings

Financial education can be done either one-on-one or in a group setting, so St. Kate's Money Management Program offers the following mixture of services to assist students. We encourage you to use any and all that are of interest.

Peer Money Mentors (PMMs)

The PMMs are current St. Kate's students who have been specially trained in money management and financial education by professionals in the field. They are available to present in the classroom, at a workshop or student club and for one-on-one counseling. These peer mentors are well versed on the topics of budgeting, saving, setting financial goals, understanding credit, finding affordable student loans or scholarships and more. Additionally, they are "research geeks" who enjoy taking a financial topic and discovering all there is to know.

Confidential In-Depth Financial Counseling

The Money Management Program has on retainer Certified Consumer Credit Counselor, Shannon Doyle, from Lutheran Social Services (LSS) of Minnesota. Ms. Doyle is available on campus twice monthly to provided free in-person counseling to students and/or their families who have complicated financial issues beyond the basic budgeting and savings tips that the PMMs handle. She and her colleagues at LSS are also available for appointments at their Minneapolis office. LSS provides trustworthy assistance with debt management, budget counseling, and information about credit and consumer protection. 

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees Speaker Series

Each fall and spring semester the Money Management Office hosts 4-5 presentations on timely money management topics. We bring in financial literacy experts to share information on topics such as: Taxes and FAFSA Filing, Budgeting, Student Loan Repayment, Identity Theft, Understanding and Building Credit, and Intro to Saving; just to name a few. Additionally, we partner with other campus departments to create and expand into other financial topics of interest. In the past we have contributed to The Color of Money, More Than Money with Women, Creative Couponing, The Culture of Money and How Do I Handle Real Life, to name a few student favorites. Don't miss out! Faculty can use these programs as extra credit option and all students are welcome to attend our Speaker Series - it's designed with them in mind.

Financial Management Courses

Students can earn academic credit and gain invaluable life skills by taking either of these University courses.

Personal Financial Fitness, INDI 2010. This 2-credit J-Term and half-course Spring Semester class provides a practical, hands-on approach to life-long money management skills. Information covered includes:  financial goal setting, budgeting, banking basics, understanding credit and credit cards, financial aid basics, automobile buying, living expense management, work benefits packages, and intro to investing. Students leave the class with a tailored filing and organizing system for their records, a personal budget, and tips on how to maintain it, and indispensable financial management knowledge.

Personal and Family Financial Management.  This 4-credit Spring Semester course designed for juniors and seniors provides a practical, in-depth approach to financial decision making as it affects the students' impending futures. Students learn how to compile, evaluate and use personal financial statements, discover the differences between financial institutions and the products available from each, assess cash management and investing strategies, get comprehensive tax tips, are guided on establishing and maintaining good credit, analyze various housing options, review insurance and employer benefit packages, and cover identity theft and consumer rights - all with a focus on personal and family living. At the course's end students leave with a comprehensive framework for managing finances.

On-line Resources and References

If you're struggling with stretching your money, we want you find ways to get assistance through one or more of these resources. Discover a multitude of information that will assist you financially right here.