Speaker Series: Spring 2008



Speaker Series: Spring 2008

This Semester's Speakers

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

Nathan Dugan

Nathan Dugan is a national speaker and founder of Share Save Spend ®, an organization that helps people develop financial sanity. Dungan addresses the impacts of our hyper-consumption society and how we can develop balance between spending with saving and sharing.

The Seduction of Credit Cards: What You Really Need to Know

Nancy Breymeier

Nancy Breymeier is a Registered Investment Advisor, Strategic Financial Group. She addresses what's wrong with paying the minimum payment and interpreting the fine print and credit card terms.

Budgeting 101

Tiffany Kirk

Tiffany Kirk, from the City County Federal Credit Union, addresses how to live on a budget, identify wants versus needs and how to live within your own means.

Financing College

Lutheran Social Services

Geoff Bullock, financial educator for LSS Financial Counseling Service, addresses financial aid, the differences between loans, grants, and other options. He also touches on how to manage paying off college loans.

What's Out There and What Does it all Mean?

Kris Hanson and Bob Bedford

Kris Hanson is a Compliance Leader and Bob Bedford is a Credit Operations Senior Manager at GE Money. They talk about banking products, credit unions, and the difference between the two. They also address the credit score, how to determine what yours is, how to improve it and how it is used.