Speaker Series: Winter 2009



Speaker Series: Winter 2009

This Semester's Speakers

Renting vs. Owning a Home

Stacy Bostwick

Stacy Bostwick is the Mortgage Counselor/ Program Manager at Powderhorn Residents Group, Minnesota. She addresses the best time to consider purchasing a home vs. renting. The influence of current economic conditions of home buying decisions was also addressed.

Understanding the Basics of a Benefit Package

Sara Schnell

Learn what benefit packages can include and how packages can differ in an overall copensation offer. Anyone interviewing for positions needs to know this information before accepting a job offer. Sara Schnell is the Assistant Director Human Resources here at St. Kate's.

Ruth Hayden: Women and Money

Nationally recognized financial consultant, educator and author based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. For 24 years, Hayden's classes have challenged women to take charge of their lives as knowledgeable, strong and focused women. Her "Women and Money" course inspired the book How to Turn Your Money Life Around: The Money Book for Women. As an educator, she is know for her financial innovation in establishing the relationship between emotions and money. Hayden is a 2006 winner for the Upsize Life Award for her work in developing small businesses. She is also a frequent guest and commentator on Public Radio. Learn more about her visit »

Financial Aid: What you Need to Know About the Basics

Presented by Staff from St. Kate's Financial Aid Office, they address the financial opportunities that exist for students — from scholarships and grants to loans and the loan consolidation program.

Everything You Want (and Need) to Know about Retirement Planning

Learn from the experts. When it is appropriate to start saving for retirement? What is the difference between an IRA and a Roth account?

Incorporating a Simple Living Lifestyle

Listen to a panel of individuals who have made thoughtful decisions about living within their means. They shared simple living strategies that you can incorporate into your into your own life.