National Center for STEM Elementary Education



The National Center for STEM Elementary Education (NCSEE) was launched in 2010 with the vision to transform the way STEM education is delivered at the elementary level. We want children to be inspired and encouraged to pursue an interest in STEM studies, graduate with STEM degrees, and work in STEM fields. NCSEE’s primary method of accomplishing that goal is teacher professional development offered through graduate-level course work or professional development to cohorts of practicing educators.

Drawing on the University’s faculty experts, courses taught so that teachers learn rigorous STEM content as well as techniques and methods for translating that material to their own classrooms and grade level. In each course teachers are exposed to research and resources to help them better understand and implement best practices in STEM education.

We  invite you to explore further and learn more about our:

Graduate STEM Certificates and Professional Development workshops:  For teachers in the field - be prepared to address new STEM education standards in your classroom.

STEM Undergraduate Certificate:  For teachers to be - elementary education majors leave St. Kate's as confident, competent STEM teachers.

EcoSTARS: Future teachers, practicing teachers and St. Kate's faculty working together in area schools.

STEM Minor:  A 5-course science, technology and engineering curriculum that complements any major at St. Catherine University

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