Degree Plan



Degree Plan

First-year courses

PTA 1010 Patient Handling Techniques
PTA 1020 Physical Therapy Intervention Techniques I
PTA 1040 Gross Anatomy & Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System
PTA 1050 Orientation to Physical Therapy/Role of the PTA
PTA 1140 Kinesiology Integration
PTA 1160 Physical Therapy Intervention Techniques II
PTA 1310 Clinical Experience I
PTA 1350 Healthcare Delivery System

Second-year courses

PTA 2000 Physical Therapy Intervention Techniques III
PTA 2010 Introductory Concepts in Pediatric Physical Therapy (optional)
PTA 2020 Advanced Geriatric Physical Therapy for the PTA
PTA 2100 Clinical Experience II
PTA 2200 Clinical Experience III
PTA 2400 Capstone Seminar

Clinical/Service Learning (Choose 1)
PTA 2260 Learning and Service through Immersion
PTA 2270 Specialized Clinical Experience

Supporting courses

BIOL 2000 Summer Science Immersion or BIOL 2400 General Anatomy
BIOL 2420 Human Disease
HIMP 1020 Medical Terminology
PHIL 2000 Ethical Problems in Healthcare
PSYC 1000 General Psychology
PSYC 1080 Abnormal Psychology Seminar
PSYC 2027 Lifespan Development: Adolescence, Adulthood and Death
SSCS 1000 Power and Social Change

Liberal arts and sciences and CIL requirements

SSCS elective
ENGL 1100 Composition I
CIL 1500 Transcultural Learning through Community Connections
ART elective
ENGL literature elective
THEO elective