Degree Plan

Degree Plan

In this accelerated program, students become eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) examination and begin careers as registered nurses (RN). As a rigorous, graduate-level program from St. Catherine University, students also prepare to advance rapidly, assume leadership positions, and acquire professional expertise in the practice of nursing.

In the Master of Science in Nursing: Entry-Level (MSNEL), a "cohort" of students proceeds together through the program of study. Students begin each spring semester (begins early February) and complete the program just over two years later. The program blends classroom experiences on St. Kate's St. Paul campus and some online components, with lab and clinical experiences integrated throughout the program. See our course schedule page for details on meeting times.

Students experience a broad and deep preparation for the nursing profession.  The curriculum is designed to prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health care. Students develop graduate-level competencies in clinical leadership, evidence-based practice, teamwork and communication, healthcare economics and politics, and healthcare informatics.

Year One: Spring Semester

  • NURS 5000: Introduction to Nursing Science and Practice (8 credits: 6 classroom, 2 clinical/lab)
  • NURS 6140: Advanced Health Assessment Across the Lifespan ( 2 cr.: 1.5 classroom, .5 clinical/lab

Year One: Summer Sessions I & II

  • NURS 5001: Foundations in Evidence-Guided Nursing Practice (6 credits: 4 classroom, 2 lab/clinical)

Year One: Fall Semester

  • NURS 5002: Application of Evidence-Guided Nursing Practice (6 credits: 4 classroom, 2 clinical/lab)
  • NURS 6063: Evidence-Based Practice (3 credits: 3 classroom)

Year Two: January

  • NURS 6992: Ethics and Healthcare (2 credits)

Year Two: Spring Semester

  • NURS 6160: Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan (3 credits: 3 classroom)
  • NURS 5995: Family-Centered Care in Diverse Health Care Settings (family, OB, introduction to public health (5 credits: 4 classroom, 1 clinical/lab)

Year Two: Summer Sessions I & II

  • NURS 6992: Promoting and Protecting the Health of Vulnerable Populations (mental health, acute and community care) (2 credits: l classroom, 1 clinical/lab)
  • NURS 7991: Topics: Introduction to Epidemiology (1 credit, 1 classroom)
  • NURS 6012: Basic Graduate Nursing Informatics (2 credits: 2 classroom)

Year Two: Fall Semester

  • NURS 6996: Professional Nursing Leadership and Professional Practice (6 credits: 3 classroom, 3 clinical)
  • NURS 6223: Advanced Pharmacology (3 credits: 3 classroom)

Year Three: January Term

  • NURS 6993: Global Health and Populations (3 credits, 1 classroom, 2 clinical/lab)

Year Three: Spring Semester

  • NURS 6995: Professional Nursing Leadership and Professional Practice II (half-semester class — 5 credits: 3 classroom, 2 clinical/lab)