Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite Courses

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of prerequisite courses required for consideration of admission into the MSN: Entry-Level option. See our How to Apply page for complete details on admission requirements and procedures.

Course equivalencies for St. Catherine prerequisites

Use the online Transfer Evaluation System (TES) resource to determine if a specific course you have taken (or plan to take) will fulfill an MSN: Entry-Level prerequisite requirement.  All St. Catherine course equivalencies listed in TES are fully verified by our Registrar’s Office.

How to use TES

1. Make note of the St. Catherine department abbreviation (BIOL, CHEM, MATH, etc.) and course numbers in the MSN: Entry-Level prerequisite list below.

2. Connect to TES

3. Identify the institution from which you have completed courses (or plan to complete courses). You may search for institutions using the “Find Transfer College by Name” search box, or use the alphabetical index provided.

4. Enter the course code for one of our MSN: Entry-Level prerequisites (e.g., MATH 1080). Select “Home Course” and click on Search. This will identify any courses from the institution that are equivalent to the St. Catherine prerequisite course. You could also enter the code for the other institution’s course, and select “Transfer Course” and Search. This will identify any St. Catherine courses that might be equivalent to the other institution’s course. Be sure to review any notes with additional information for a given course.

If you have searched via TES and can’t find a specific school or course listing, contact your admission counselor for assistance. Please include the institution, course name and number, and course description in your email.

Prerequisite Courses

Below is a list of undergraduate courses that must be completed prior to starting the MSN: Entry-Level option. Eligible applicants must have a cumulative undergraduate G.P.A. of 3.0 or above in all post-secondary coursework. Applicants must also achieve a grade of C or higher in each required prerequisite course, with a cumulative prerequisite G.P.A. of 3.0 or above. Only one prerequisite course may be repeated one time; this includes withdrawals (older courses may be repeated if originally taken over the time limit with a grade of C or better).

Applicants must have a minimum of three prerequisite courses completed (with credits and grades posted on transcripts) at the time of application. At least one course must be a lab science. It is encouraged (but not required) that the statistics course also be completed at the time of application. All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to starting the graduate program.

Due to the competitive nature of the MSN: Entry-Level option, candidates are encouraged to complete more than the minimum requirements to strengthen their application.

The following courses must be complete within the past five years:

Human Anatomy with lab (4 semester credits)
Courses in order of preference are: human anatomy (often first half of combined anatomy and physiology sequence), mammalian/vertebrate anatomy, comparative anatomy. These credits must be from an anatomy, biology, zoology, physiology department.
St. Kate's equivalent: BIOL 2400, BIOL 2510, BIOL 2610 or BIOL 3120

Human Physiology with lab (4 semester credits)
Courses in order of preference are: human physiology (often second half of combined anatomy and physiology sequence), mammalian physiology. These credits must be from a biology, zoology or physiology department.
St. Kate's equivalent: BIOL 2410, BIOL 2520, BIOL 2620 or BIOL 3140

Statistics (3-4 semester credits)
Course must be inclusive of descriptive and inferential statistics.
St. Kate's equivalent: PSYC 2050, MATH 1080, MATH 1084, ECON 2230 or 2250, HLTH 4994

The following courses must be completed within the past ten years:

Psychology (6-8 semester credits)
Courses must include a combination of two of the following: general/introductory psychology, lifespan development, abnormal psychology.
St. Kate's equivalent: PSYC 1000, PSYC 2025, PSYC 3010

Microbiology with lab (3-4 semester credits)
St. Kate's equivalent: BIOL 2200, BIOL 2450

We will consider courses completed in an online format from a regionally accredited institution. However, we encourage students to complete courses that include a lab component in a face-to-face format, if possible.

Transcript Review

Due to the high volume of interest in the MSN: Entry-Level program, the Office of Graduate Admission does not review unofficial transcripts to determine the completion of prerequisite coursework. After the NursingCAS application form and official transcripts are submitted, an evaluation of previous coursework is completed and applicants are notified of any outstanding prerequisite courses.