Program of Study: Adult-Gerontological (ANP-GNP)



Program of Study: Adult-Gerontological (ANP-GNP)

An adult-gerontological nurse practitioner assumes an advanced practice role in the provision of primary healthcare to adults of all ages in settings such as public or private clinics, health maintenance organizations, ambulatory care facilities, college health services, correctional facilities, occupational health clinics, clients’ homes and long-term care settings.

Health promotion, health education and the early detection of risk factors are important components of the ANP-GNP’s role. ANP-GNPs engage in independent decision making about healthcare needs, thus promoting the health or managing illness states of individuals and their families or significant others.

The ANP-GNP works in collaboration with other healthcare professionals and ensures continuity of services within the home and acute-care setting and also acts as an advocate for the client in the healthcare system.

Academic plan

The requirements of the adult-gerontological nurse practitioner specialty area are listed below.

Year 1

Summer Session

NURS 6160: Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan (3 Credits)

Fall Semester

NURS 6100: Concepts and Context I: Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing (2 credits)
NURS 6130: Health Promotion in Primary Care (3 credits)
NURS 6140: Advanced Health Assessment Across the Lifespan (2 credits)

January Term

NURS 6170: Procedures and Diagnostics in Primary Care (1 credits: 0.5 credit lab)
NURS 6235: Health Promotion Seminar and Clinical: Adult-Gerontology(1 credit clinical)

Spring Semester

NURS 6200: Concepts and Context II: Quality Improvement, Research, and Evidence-Based Practice in Advanced Practice Nursing (3 credits)
NURS 6223: Advanced Pharmacology Across the Lifespan (3 credit)
NURS 6335: Primary Care I: Common and Acute Conditions in Adults and Older Adults (6 credits: 3 credits clinical)

Year 2

Summer Session

NURS 7130: Primary Care II: Chronic Health Challenges in Adults and Older Adults (6 credits: 3 credits clinical)

Fall Semester

NURS 7200: Concepts and Context III: Advanced Nursing Practice Nursing Role Synthesis (3 credits)
NURS 7330: Primary Care III: Chronic and Complex Health Challenges in Adults and Older Adults (6 credits: 3 credit clinical)