O'Neill Center for Academic Development

The O'Neill Center for Academic Development addresses the diverse academic needs and interests of students on the St. Paul campus. The staff offers programs, services and facilities designed to promote academic achievement through three centers:

  • Writing/Reading Center - offering one-on-one assistance with papers during any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to the final touches.
  • Math/Science Center - offering one-on-one or small group assistance in math, chemistry, biology and physics.
  • Disability Resources - ensuring all qualified students have equal access to academic and extra-curricular programming.

The O'Neill Center is a welcoming environment for learning, has a supportive staff and is open seven days a week.

Mission Statement

The O’Neill Center for Academic Development offers academic support services to all students to ensure opportunities for success in their educational goals. Towards this end, the Center provides collaborative learning situations that accommodate students’ diverse learning styles, partners with faculty and staff to address learning challenges and cultivates the development of leadership potential among peer tutors.