Math and Science Center



Math and Science Center

Visit the Math/Science Center during our drop-in hours for one-on-one or small group assistance in mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics. Our trained peer tutors are here to help with you with topics found in core math and science courses through the 2000 level. We have pleasant space, casual environment, supportive staff and we LOVE to talk about math and science! Come visit us!

Math and Science Resources

What you can expect when you visit:

When you arrive and sign-in, make yourself comfortable at one of our tables to study.  Tutors circulate the room to discuss homework problems, math and science concepts, and study strategies

What to bring with you:

Your homework, class notes and textbook all help our tutors figure out how to help you!

When can you visit?

Tutors are available seven days a week during the fall and spring semester.  Our summer and J-term schedules vary.  For most current hours, please check the Drop-in Hours Page