ORSP Advisory Committee



ORSP Advisory Committee

ORSP Advisory Committee assists in:

  • Enhancing the University’s research capacity
  • Promoting research and grant-seeking
  • Guiding ORSP in the delivery of services
  • Advice related to grants compliance and administration.

ORSP is grateful to it's Advisory Committee members:

  • Barbara Champlin, Nursing
  • David Chapman, Physical Therapy
  • Patricia Dunlop, Chemistry
  • Lisa Dutton, Physical Therapy
  • Carol Geisler, Holistic Health Studies, Masters of Arts
  • Deborah Grealy, Associate Dean, MLIS
  • Rebecca Hawthorne, Program Director, MAOL
  • Marcella Myers, Biology, Women's Health Integrative Research Center
  • Andrea Olson, Psychology
  • John Schmitt, Physical Therapy; IRB Chair
  • Lynda Szymanski, Associate Dean, School of Humanities, Arts & Science
  • Kay Tweeten, Biology
  • Jill Welter, Biology