Managing Award Agreements



Managing Award Agreements

Award agreements - ORSP requires electronic copies of application guidelines, final submitted proposal and proposal budget to accept an award.  PI and ORSP review award terms, budget and scope of work. ORSP facilitates proposed changes and accepts the award on behalf of the University.

Intellectual Property - Award agreements may incorporate language on treatment of intellectual property emerging from sponsor funds. ORSP's awareness of potential for intellectual property may enable it to influence award terms to the PI and University's benefit.

Change Requests and Approvals - Once an award is accepted, changes to terms, scope or budget require written funder approval. ORSP facilitates the change process.

No-Cost Extensions - Written funder approval to extend an award must be initiated at least 90 days before the end of the award term.  New expenses cannot be processed after an award expires.

Departure of a PI with an Active Grant Award - A departing PI may request equipment purchased with sponsor funds when critical to their--but not other St. Kate’s faculty members’--research.  Award terms sometimes prohibit equipment disposition.