Personnel Management



Personnel Management

Hiring and pay practices, whether through University or sponsor funds, follow University Human Resources policies and procedures for faculty, staff and students.  ORSP ensures personnel roles align with the award terms, sufficient funds exists to pay personnel and personnel on expiring awards are terminated from grant accounts.All new hires paid with sponsor funds are pre-approved through the Grant Approval Form.

  • Employment forms are available for personnel actions involving staff, students and faculty. 
  • Hiring documentation such as the Personnel Action Form and Faculty Contract Request form must include accounting code, sponsor name, work description, begin/end date and FTE.
  • Compensation and raises are determined by St. Kate's leadership, not sponsor budgets.
  • Employment letters must note position start/end dates, which are aligned with the award term.
  • ORSP automatically stops payroll based on award end dates.
  • ORSP retains personnel forms in the appropriate grant folders for audit.

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