Nearly every funding agency, whether public or private, requires reports on the progress on the work of the grant. The Principal Investigator is responsible for drafting all reports in a timely manner so that ORSP and/or CFR can review the reports and submit them to the funding agency.

The Narrative Report
The Narrative Report explains the work accomplished during the previous period or over the course of the entire grant. Each funder may have its own requirements regarding the format for the Narrative Report. The Narrative Report may be a progress report or the final report. Below are some helpful tools:

The Financial Report
The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will work with the Business Office to generate Financial Reports to submit to the funding agency. Before submitting these, the Principal Investigator should review the reports against his/her own records and check for any discrepancies. ORSP and the PI/PD should set up regular budget reconciliation meetings.

Additional Forms
Many agencies require additional forms along with the Progress and Final Reports. Review the Notice of Award carefully to determine any special reporting requirements, and note the timeline provided.  Don't wait until the deadline to start gathering your notes and thoughts! Go back to your proposal, review your stated goals and objectives, and take notes about what you will need as you work on the grant.