Online Learning Format



Online Learning Format

Online learning in the OTD program

St. Catherine University created this online Occupational Therapy Doctorate to create the most flexibility possible for you, as you continue and expand on your career as an occupational therapist.  Limited requirements for visits to our campus in Minnesota mean the St. Kate's OTD is accessible to occupational therapists living and working at locations throughout North America. These on-campus visits are designed to enhance your sense of community through program orientation and presentations of your work.

Is the online OTD right for you?

Learning in this online program does not require a high level of technological expertise.  But it does require a comfort level with using key online tools, a level of discipline and independence, and a commitment to active engagement with learning content and with faculty members and fellow students.

The online OTD learning experience is right for you if you:

  • Want a rigorous curriculum with the flexibility afforded by the online learning format.
  • Feel very comfortable using computers for academic work and communication.
  • Learn well from written materials and can contribute to rich online discussion.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively by email and other written communications.
  • Possess strong self-discipline to complete coursework on-time and dedicate sufficient time to study.
  • Have reliable access to a computer and internet connection.

On-campus requirements

Residency Requirement
A two-day residency at St. Catherine University will introduce you to faculty, fellow students and courses, and provide you with an opportunity to meet your doctoral advisor and learn about the technology you’ll access for your courses. The residency takes place on the university's beautiful, historic campus in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Alternate orientation provisions will be made for students who cannot attend in person.)   

On-site presentations
You will be required to make public presentations of projects for each of your five-credit courses. If you cannot come to campus, you can use technology such as Skype to make your public presentations.

Doctoral thesis
You will present and defend your final doctoral project on campus.

Graduation ceremony
You are invited to participate in graduation ceremonies on campus after completing the program.