Page Hierarchy

There's a basic hierarchy for all media and all stories. In the written word we have a structure we’ve all learned since elementary school. On the web we use that same hierarchy.

In order for each structural item to be recognized by search engines and screen readers as we see them, we must label them.


If you were using code as we do in our department, you would take your title and surround it like this: <h1>Title of Page</h1>  Luckily we have the CMS so you don't have to label them as long as you use the correct formatting tools.


It is recommended that you use at least two Header 2's to help with search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a technique to help your audience find you when they use search terms.


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Additionally training or person-to-person help can be requested by submitting a project request through the Marketing and Communications website Project Request Form.