Benefits of Living in a Learning Community

Benefits of Living in a Learning Community

Students on Honors floor prepare community dinner.

St. Catherine University provides theme housing and learning communities in the residence halls. These unique living-groups provide an interactive, dynamic, and engaging experience. Living in theme housing, your student will have opportunities to interact with faculty, attend specialized educational and social events, and benefit from a close-knit community with other students who share similar interests.

We offer a variety of theme housing floors and learning communities that provide a great way for your student to connect with other residents that share a common interest:

  • The American Sign Language Learning Community is a linguistically and culturally rich environment where students, who know or are learning ASL, live and learn together.
  • The Antonian Honors floor offers a variety of educational and social programs that support participation in the Antonian Honors program. 
  • The Global Perspectives theme community nurtures an understanding and appreciation of the arts, languages, contributions, cultural traditions, and current events of global cultures through programming and community living.
  • The Gryffindor Tower learning community pairs the Six Degrees of Harry Potter Literature course with a vibrant residential community. Activities include learning about the care of magical creatures, wizard cooking, and analyzing the Harry Potter films.
  • The Healthy Living community engages students in all aspects of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Students will develop an awareness of personal wellness by tracking personal success.

Students may sign up for theme housing between February 1-March 15. Theme housing and learning community students receive priority housing placement for 2014-15 if they sign up by March 15.  Information about each community and sign up instructions are available on the Residence Life website.

We hope your student considers taking advantage of the rich opportunities that living on a Theme Housing floor provides.