Fully engaging in the St. Catherine Experience

Fully engaging in the St. Catherine Experience

The St. Catherine Experience
Owning Your Education:  fully engaging in the St. Catherine Experience

Ellen Richter-Norgel, Associate Dean for Students and Retention
Joann Bangs, Interim Dean of the School of Business and Professional Studies
The St. Catherine Experience was unveiled during Core Convocation on September 4th.  The St. Catherine Experience is a comprehensive program for students to realize their academic and personal goals.  The St. Catherine Experience expresses the integration of the curriculum and co-curriculum, enabling your student to experience the best of what St. Catherine offers. As part of this program, advising tools have been developed for each program of study.  These tools make intentional links that help students navigate and identify important components – from matriculation through graduation, in order to fully experience their education – inside as well as outside the classroom. Across all degree programs:  associate, baccalaureate and graduate, the St. Catherine Experience is characterized by eight themes of engagement.

• Scholarship and Excellence
• Lead and Influence
• Engagement
• Liberal Arts and Your Program
• Social Justice and Spiritual Development
• Meaningful Mentoring
• Diversity and Global Perspectives
• Preparing for the Future

A website dedicated to the St. Catherine Experience includes student stories and videos.

It is expected that the St. Catherine Experience Advising Tools will be created for all undergraduate programs of study by fall 2014.  If your student does not see her/his major or program of study listed, your student should contact her/his advisor to help identify co-curricular activities that support her/his academic program.

We would love to hear from parents if you have any questions or comments regarding the new St. Catherine Experience program, please contact Ellen Richter-Norgel, Associate Dean of Students and Retention, at 651.690.8730 or erichter-norgel@stkate.edu