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Evening|Weekend|Online B.A. in Philosophy

“Discuss important ideas with intelligent women inspired by the great minds of the past.”
  — Anne Maloney, professor and department chair
  • For busy women who want to explore core questions of humanity and develop rational thinking skills.
  • Career pathways: Develop skills highly sought by employers, or prepare for graduate school, in fields such as teaching, law, computer science, management, publishing, sales and public relations.
  • Flexible course scheduling blends evening/weekend meetings with online learning.
  • Affordable tuition rates.
  • Transfer in your previous credits.
  • Get a head start on your master's. Take up to two graduate business (MBA), library and information science (MLIS) or leadership (MAOL) courses while earning your B.S. or B.A.

Next steps

Majoring in Philosophy

Philosophy tackles questions in every dimension of human life, and its techniques of evaluating ideas, seeing the world from multiple perspectives and providing rational methods to resolve conflicts is applicable to any endeavor or field of study.
As a philosophy major, you find meaning in your life by examining big questions such as, "Why did God make me?" " What is right?" and "Should humans have more rights than other living beings?"

Advance your Career and your Life
Adult learners are drawn are drawn to philosophy because it gives them a framework for delving into life’s most challenging questions — at a time of life when students are ready to engage with complex ideas.
Philosophy is an effective major for long-term career advancement — or for launching a new career. Employers reward skills that the study of philosophy develops: the ability to solve problems, communicate, organize ideas and issues, assess pros and cons, and synthesize complex data.
Philosophy majors excel in teaching, medicine, law, computer science, management, publishing, sales, criminal justice and public relations, to name a few professions. Click on the Using Your Degree tab for more information on careers and advanced studies that philosophy majors pursue.
Supportive Environment
St. Kate’s is dedicated to helping women find their voices, and in the philosophy department you become a woman who expects to be heard.
Philosophy classes encourage collaboration rather than competition. Topics are introduced gradually, giving you the building blocks for more complex study. If you’ve been out of school for a while, St. Kate’s will help you gain the confidence to grow your academic abilities.

Program of Study
Philosophy reflects upon matters of history, psychology, literature, theology, law politics and science, and this interdisciplinary department allows you the freedom to choose your focus.
If you’re a nursing student, you can take “Biomedical Ethics.” Planning to go to law school? Take “Philosophy of Law.” Your interest in contemporary culture might lead you to the “Philosophy of Film” course, and understanding the roots of western society might inspire you to take “Classical Greek Philosophy.”

Uniquely St. Kate’s
The flexibility to direct your study could happen only in an environment where classes are small and professors know you as an individual.
St. Kate’s gives you the opportunity to interact directly with outstanding faculty who have wide interests: Department Chair Anne Maloney is interested in existentialism and the philosophy of literature, women and film. Assistant Professor Jeff Johnson, past president of the Minnesota Philosophical Society, studies the ethics of food and current agricultural practices.
Great thinkers with stimulating ideas enrich your life.