Clinical Experience



Clinical Experience

Clinical experiences (clinicals) help students develop confidence in working with patients and teaming with other health care professionals.  Clinicals occur in acute care settings, skilled nursing facilities, transitional care units, outpatient clinics and rehabilitation centers. Prior to placement at a clinical site students must fulfill all PTA clinical education requirements.

Introductory Clinical:  Students begin with a three-day introductory clinical in the fall of year 1 in the PTA program.  Students are primarily observing physical therapy techniques but may have the opportunity to practice skills already learned.  Prior to the clinical experience, the Program honors students in a Sending Ceremony.

PTA 1310:  This clinical occurs during spring semester Year 1 in the program.  It is a six-week clinical, 20 hours per week.  Hours are typically Monday – Friday in the morning.

PTA 2100 and 2200:  Students complete two (2) full time six week clinicals (January to April).  These clinicals are performed consecutively.  Students have completed their classroom practical skill training prior to these clinicals. 

PTA 2270:  This is an elective clinical in the spring of Year 2 designed for students who have a strong interest in a specialized clinical setting.  Students choose either this specialized clinical or a local or international service learning course (PTA 2260, Learning and Service through Immersion).