Physical Therapist Assistant

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St. Kate’s started the first associate degree program to educate physical therapist assistants (PTA) in the United States, and today we’re still a leading educator of PTAs.

Our program will prepare you for a healthcare career in which you’ll improve lives by helping people overcome physical limitations to attain optimal health and function under the supervision of a physical therapist.

You’ll be a hands-on caregiver for people young and old who have difficulty moving because of fractures, athletic conditions, head injuries, arthritis, lower back pain, cerebral palsy and other disabling conditions. And you’ll gain satisfaction as you see the people you help increase their independence, mobility and physical well being over time.

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What makes St. Kate's PTA program unique?

  • Our commitment to giving every student a valuable liberal arts education in addition to teaching professional skills.
  • Our curriculum includes case-based learning and incorporates clinical experiences that begin in the first semester in the program.
  • Community work and learning experiences to develop self- and societal awareness.
  • Partnerships in learning with our Doctor of Physical Therapy students.
  • The number of PTA faculty members ensures you get personal attention to facilitate your learning.

Where you'll work

As a PTA you’ll work in outpatient clinics, acute-care hospital settings, rehabilitation units, skilled nursing facilities, home care, schools and industrial settings.

Comments and concerns

To offer comments/concerns related to the St. Catherine University Physical Therapist Assistant Program contact Holly Clynch PT, DPT, GCS at or 651.690.7823