Why St. Kate's



Why St. Kate's

St. Kate’s PTA program prepares you to lead the profession with a combination of case-based physical therapy education and liberal arts course work that builds self-awareness, human understanding and confidence. You will leave St. Kate’s as a skilled and caring professional ready for a rewarding career.

Get one-on-one faculty attentionStudents and faculty member  with lots of smiles in lab activity

Our low student-to-faculty ratio means you get personal attention from our physical therapy faculty in academic and career advising, classes and open labs. “The professors take time with you when they notice you’re struggling,” according to program graduate Katie Chyrklund. “They encourage problem solving and critical thinking. The PTA program is a challenge, but they’re here to help you.”

Learn alo​ngside doctoral students

PTA and DPT Students in a joint lab  One unique feature of St. Kate’s PTA program is its collaboration with its Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. PTA students have opportunities to learn alongside DPT students in classrooms, in labs and at clinical sites. PTA and DPT students are eligible to join St. Kate’s PT Club. And PTA students can travel with DPT students for an international or local service-learning experience.



Be grounded in the liberal arts

With a strong foundation in the liberal arts, St. Kate’s PTAs become critical thinkers who are prepared to master complex intervention and assessment skills. They are dedicated to the holistic development of each patient’s body, mind and spirit.

Build leadership skills

Leadership is threaded throughout the PTA Program’s curriculum, exposing students to leadership concepts and attributes. Students are provided multiple leadership opportunities and are asked to develop leadership goals. They participate in a day long Leadership Symposium in collaboration with the DPT Program where they develop their own personal definition of leadership. In addition, students are encouraged and supported in attending professional conferences and events.  It is the Program’s mission that graduates will be “…prepared as contributing members and leaders within the physical therapy profession and their community” and be able to demonstrate professional behaviors that reflect the values of the PTA profession.