Public Health

Students pose behind a public health banner

Want to help improve people lives? Public health is about influencing the behavior and attitudes of society for long-term change through education, health promotion and policy. Students who major in public health at St. Kate’s are ethical, patient and creative problem solvers. They’re eager and excited to solve complex health issues that affect us in an increasingly global world, such as access to healthcare, infectious diseases, water pollution and genetically modified foods.

Classroom to career

A St. Kate’s degree in public health is excellent preparation for a range of professions — including food safety inspector, epidemiologist, emergency preparedness specialist and healthcare administrator — as well as graduate study in public health or related areas. We’re the first to offer a baccalaureate major in public health in Minnesota, and among the first institution of our size to do so in the United States. Our curriculum allows you to specialize in one or more areas: health sciences, public policy, health education and community health worker.

Nationally recognized program

St. Kate’s received a grant from the Association of American Colleges & Universities and the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research to design three public health courses “that engage students with the world’s major questions.”

Our “Foundations of Public Health” provides an overview of public health in the United States and examines the effects of race, gender and class on population health; “Epidemiology” includes ethical issues and case studies; and “Global Health” addresses population trends, pandemics and media reports.

Maximize your learning​

Our public health major is versatile and deeply rooted in a philosophy of social responsibility. St. Kate’s students are double majoring in respiratory care, nursing, psychology, social work, international relations, chemistry and biology. This opportunity to combine public health and another discipline allows you to stay ahead in this ever-growing field and better meet the many challenges in protecting the public's health today and in the future.

Internship in community health

We emphasizes working with academic, community and global partners to make a difference. Our faculty have paired up with a Twin Cities medical team to offer St. Kate's students the chance to work in a nonprofit, community clinic in Tanzania. Student Bella Muhi, for example, traveled to the East African nation to be a HIV/AIDS education intern for a semester. All public health majors at St. Kate's must complete an internship in community health. This requirement is essential to gaining a broader understanding of how your classroom knowledge and personal skills directly benefit society.

Diverse life experiences

St. Kate's students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including immigrant communities and other countries, so you get richer classroom discussions and new insights. You also have opportunities to increase your knowledge in public health through service learning, capstone projects, structured research and study abroad courses.

Learning Outcomes

We are dedicated to preparing our students to the the standards set forth by the Associations of Schools of Public Health as outlined in the technical standards.