Parking Permits



Parking Permits

Parking permits are required to park on campus from September through June, seven days per a week, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. In addition, all vehicles parked on campus overnight (2 a.m. to 7 a.m.) are required to have a resident permit or Guest Overnight Permit.

Parking permits are hang-tags to be hung facing out from the rear-view mirror. It is appropriate to use the permit on any registered secondary vehicle you park on campus. However, permits are not intended to be shared, transferred or resold. Sharing a permit will result in the revocation of the right to park on campus and the forfeiture of fees. 

If a permit is lost, it can be replaced for a fee of $25.

Note: Any vehicle found on campus with a permit that is reported to be lost/stolen will be towed immediately.

Buying a Permit

In order to purchase a permit, you must have the following information: license plate, make/model, color, current contact phone number, and a valid SCU Identification card to present to Public Safety staff at the time of purchase.  We will not sell a permit to you without this information.

Register a vehicle for a St. Catherine University parking permit

Public Safety has a no cash policy. Faculty/Staff, ACTC, UST Social Work, and PSEO students, must pay with checks or credit cards only at the time of purchase. SCU Student permits will be charged to the student's account. We will not accept payment for student permits.

Once a vehicle is registered a permit can be purchased.  Even though a permit needs to be physically obtained from the Public Safety office, a permit can still be paid for in advance through the DPS Marketplace by using a credit card.

ACTC students must present college identification with their check at the time of purchase.

You may not purchase a permit if you have any outstanding tickets with Public Safety.

First Year resident students are not eligible to purchase a permit unless the exemption process is completed and granted by the First Year Resident Parking Exemption Committee.

Permit Types and Prices

  • Faculty/Staff — $100
  • Student Resident — $200
  • Student Commuter — $100
  • Daily Permit — $3.00
  • J-Term Permits — $25
  • Summer Permit — Free with vehicle registration
  • ACTC Students — $100
  • PSEO Students — $100
  • Social Work w/UST — $100
  • Motorcycle Permits — $25 or free with vehicle permit purchase

First-Year Permit Information

First year resident students are not eligible to purchase a permit*. If you have special circumstances then you should complete the First Year Resident Student Special Needs Parking Exemption Application for St. Catherine University Parking Permit. Special needs include, but are not limited to, personal or family medical care needs, undue hardship, safety issues, and/or disabilities. Fill out the form and return through intercampus mail to Mailbox # 4030, via USPS, by fax (651.690.6005), or in person to Public Safety.

*This does not apply to First Year Commuter Students

Summer Permits

Summer Parking Permits are available for free from June 1st through August 31st. Vehicles must be registered with Public Safety to be vaild.

Summer permits can be obtained in the St. Paul Public Safety office beginning at the end of May, each year.