Parking Violations



Parking Violations

Violations and Fines

A parking citation will be issued for all parking and traffic violations on campus. Fines must be paid or be in appeals process within 10 days of issuance. A late fee of $5 will be assessed after 10 days. Only Faculty, staff, or guests should mail the fine to Public Safety or pay in person via check or credit card only. DPS does not accept cash

Students should bring their ticket(s) to Public Safety. Public Safety will then bill their student account for the amount of the fine. If the students are known via plate info, student ID, permit info, etc., student fines will be automatically charged to the student's account.

By virtue of attendance or employment at this institution, it is acknowledged that parking permits are required at designated times and violations of these rules, as well as other rules posted and/or documented may result in receipt of citations and/or vehicle impoundment.

A citation may be appealed within 10 days of issuance. Appeals must be made in writing to Public Safety using the form available here and in our office.

Note: All outstanding tickets must be paid before you may purchase a parking permit. Persons or vehicles receiving three or more tickets in a year may lose their campus parking privileges for the academic year and the vehicle may be impounded (towed) at the owner's expense without notice.


A ticket may be appealed within 10 days of issuance. In order to appeal a ticket you must complete the parking appeal form available here or in Public Safety. The ticket must be attached to the the appeal form in order for the appeal to be considered.

A lost ticket, forgetfulness, parking only for a short period of time, not knowing parking rules and regulations, and/or not seeing the signs are unacceptable grounds for an appeal.

The appeal will not be processed if you have any outstanding tickets.

If permit holders receive a ticket for failing to display their permit, but they have a valid permit, they can bring the ticket and the permit to Public Safety and upon verification, the ticket will be voided.

The Parking Appeals Committee (PAC) has faculty, student, Residence Life, and Public Safety representatives. The PAC meets once per week to discuss appeals and make fair and consistent decisions based on university parking regulations. Once decisions are made, appeals are mailed via intercampus for campus community members or via USPS.

File an Appeal

Access and complete the form below. Or, you may go to Public Safety to obtain the form. The form must be turned into Public Safety within 10 days of the date on the citation in order for consideration.

Download parking appeal form »