Community Health Worker Certificate



Community Health Worker Certificate

If you have a passion for bridging gaps, making connections, serving others and working to address health disparities, consider the Community Health Worker certificate.

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are members of distinct communities who work and build trust at the grassroots level. As a CHW, you'll play a critical role in bridging the gap between cultures and healthcare systems. Enrolling in the Community Health Worker program means immersing yourself in an environment where equal access to healthcare is among the highest of values.

As a Community Health Worker, you'll help clients navigate through healthcare systems and community services. You'll help people from diverse populations overcome barriers that prevent them from accessing and benefiting from health services. You'll serve as an advocate, facilitator, motivator, culture broker and resource. Your goals: to mentor and empower people in communities to achieve positive outcomes and reach their optimal level of wellness.

Next steps

Start in the fall and complete the program in only nine months, with classes meeting on a convenient Evening/Weekend/Online schedule for busy adults. Enrollment is open to women and men.


  • HLTH 1020: Role, Advocacy and Outreach (2 cr.)
  • HLTH 1050: Organization and Resources: Community and Personal Strategies (2 cr.)
  • HLTH 1070: Teaching and Building Capacity (2 cr.)
  • HLTH 2010: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities (1 cr.)
  • HLTH 1100: Coordination, Documentation and Reporting (1 cr.)


  • HLTH 2020: Communication and Cultural Competence (2 cr.)
  • HLTH 2040: Health Promotion Competencies (3 cr.)
  • HLTH 2030: Student Field Internship (2 cr.)
  • INDI 2220: Medical Terminology (2 cr.)

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure Requirement for Certificates
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