Degree Plan: Public Health Major



Degree Plan: Public Health Major

To earn your bachelor's degree with a Public Health major, you'll complete:

  • Courses for your Public Health major, including core Public Health courses, courses for a concentration (Public Policy and Social Sciences, or Community Health Worker), and an internship
  • Core liberal arts courses
  • Additional electives, as needed, to gain the total number of credits (130) required for your B.A. or B.S.

We'll work with you to transfer in your previous credits to meet core liberal arts and elective requirements.  Find out more about transferring in courses from other colleges or universities.

Public Health core courses

As a public health major at St. Kate’s, you will learn in-depth about core disciplinary areas of study in public health. You'll study current and emerging health issues, analyze health problems from a public health perspective, and learn to advocate for improved public health through improved awareness and policy changes:

  • HLTH 2050: Foundations of Public Health (4 cr.)
  • HLTH 3150: Epidemiology (4 cr.)
  • HLTH 3250: Global Health (4 cr.)
  • HLTH 4600: Internship (4 cr.)
  • HLTH 4800: Senior Seminar (4 cr.)

Before starting the courses listed above, you'll need to complete these prerequisite courses:

  • INDI 2220: Medical Terminology (2 cr.)
  • Statistics (PSYC 2050, MATH 1080 or ECON 2250, 4 cr.)

Concentration: Public Policy and Social Sciences

This concentration is designed for students interested in health policy, or social sciences and population health; pre-professional students (e.g., pre-law, pre-occupational therapy) and students who want a strong background in the social sciences and public health. 

In addition to core Public Health courses, you'll:

  • Select two courses (8 cr.) from Psychology, Philosophy and/or Women's Studies 
  • Select two courses (8 cr.) from Communication, Economics, or INDI 4992: Healthcare Policy 
  • Select two other approved courses (8 cr.), e.g: Communication Studies, Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Women's Studies 
  • Select one course (4 cr.) in mathematics or natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics)

Concentration: Community Health Worker

This concentration is for students with linguistic or cultural competence in an immigrant community who wish to serve as "cultural brokers" within health and community systems and work on public health needs within their communities, students who wish to obtain a health-related degree and progress into other opportunities over time, or students interested in public health but not a specific health profession.

In a time of rapid change in healthcare, Community Health Workers are needed to improve access to healthcare and addressing health disparities. If you have a passion for connecting the communities and people you care about with the health services they need, consider this concentration.

  • HLTH 1020: Role, Advocacy and Outreach
  • HLTH 1050: Organization and Resources: Community and Personal Strategies
  • HLTH 1070: Teaching and Capacity Building
  • HLTH 2010: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
  • HLTH 1100: Coordination, Documentation and Reporting
  • HLTH 2020: Communication and Cultural Competence
  • HLTH 2040: Health Promotion Competencies
  • Two elective courses selected in consultation with your advisor