The following forms are for student use only. Forms for faculty use are located on the Faculty tab on Kateway.


Form Title


ACTC Cross-Registration Register for ACTC Course
Add/Drop Add/Drop a course
Baccalaureate Program Re-enrollment Re-enroll in Baccalaureate program (a form from the Admissions Office)
Change of Major/Advisor Day Currently unavailable - Will be available Apr 27 - May 10
Change of Major/Advisor — E/W/O Currently unavailable - Will be available Apr 27 - May 10
Change in Student Information Change address or telephone with the University
Declaration of Minor Currently unavailable - Will be available Apr 27 - May 10
Diploma (replacement) Request Request a replacement diploma
Directed Study Proposal and Registration Register for directed study
Enrollment Certification Verify you are a student for outside agencies
Independent Study Proposal and Registration Register for independent study
Intent to Graduate or Complete Certification Petition to graduate
Non-disclosure of Directory Information Request suppression of directory information
Partnership Grant Form Partnership grant form for affiliate partners
Petition for Grade Change Petition academic affairs for grade change
Petition for Incomplete Grade Request an incomplete grade
Petition for Late Add Petition to add a class after the deadline
Petition for Late Withdrawal Petition for W after last day to withdraw
Request an Override to Add a Course Request an override or approval from department chair
Request for Grades for Employer Reimbursement Verify course completion for your employer
Research Registration Form Register for research
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Option Sign up to take a class pass/fail
Sister Rosalind Gefre Transcript Request Request Sr. Rosalind Gefre transcript
Special Major Petition Request a special major
Special Major Petition Engineering Request a special major in Engineering
Student Academic Grievance File a grievance with academic affairs
Substitution Form Substitute a course for a required major or minor course
Take Excess Credits Sign up to take more than the specified credit limit
Transfer Course Pre-approval Get pre-approval of transfer credits
Unofficial Transcript Request Request unofficial transcript (former students only)

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