How to Transfer Credits

How to Transfer Credits

Before Taking a Course

Graduate Students

1. Read the Transfer Policy FAQs section before registering for any course.
2. Contact your Program Director.
3. A copy of the pre-approval needs to be sent to the Registrar's Office for your file.

  • All graduate level courses are evaluated on an individual basis.
  • Prior written approval for each course must be obtained from the program director for a course to be eligible for transfer.
  • Only Graduate level courses are eligible for transfer. Undergraduate level courses will not be added to your record unless they are prerequisites for a required graduate level course.

Undergraduate Students

1. Read the Transfer Policy FAQs section before registering for any course.
2. Visit the How Do My Credits Transfer page to see if your course has previously been evaluated.

  • Locate your school in the list. If your school is not listed, then no course from that school has been evaluated. See step 3 below.
  • Search the school's evaluated courses for an exact match to the course number and title of the course you wish to take. If you find a match, you will see the equivalency displayed.
  • If you take more than one course equivalent to a St Kate’s course, only the most recent will transfer.
  • Make sure to click on the Notes icon next to your course for important information such as:
    • Whether the course meets the St. Kate's liberal arts and sciences core requirement
    • If a syllabus may be provided for further review
    • A list of all course equivalents

3. If your school or course is not listed, it has not yet been evaluated. An evaluation may be requested. Please visit the Transfer Course Evaluation Process section below for further information.

After Taking a Course

New Students: Contact the appropriate St. Kate's Admissions office.

Current Students: You must request an official transcript be sent to the appropriate Registrar's Office after the course is completed and a grade is posted.

Baccalaureate and Graduate programs on the St Paul campus:

St. Catherine University
Office of the Registrar, F-31
2004 Randolph Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105

Associate and Graduate programs on the Minneapolis campus:

St. Catherine University
Office of the Registrar
601 25th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Transfer Course Evaluation Process

New Students: Contact the appropriate St. Kate's Admissions office to request an evaluation. You may be asked to provide a course description or syllabus. Upon completion, you will receive a copy of the evaluation.

Current Students:
1. Submit the online pre-approval form through Kateway.
2. Upon review completion, you will receive a reply to your St Kate’s email. You can expect an e-mail reply within 1-2 business days indicating how this course will transfer to St. Kate's. You will be asked to review the transfer course work near the top of your transcript in Kateway.

  • If a course is equivalent to a course required for your major or minor, you may additionally need the department or program chair’s approval before taking the course.

Understanding How Your Credits Transferred to St. Kate's

Equivalent courses

Courses that are directly equivalent to a St. Kate's course will appear on your transcript with the corresponding St. Kate's subject code and course number designation. They meet the same major, minor or core requirements as the St. Kate’s course, except as noted below.

  • Writing, Women's Studies and Critical Studies exceptions

    Some courses at St Kate’s are specifically designed to be Writing Intensive or to fulfill the Critical Studies/Women’s studies requirement. A transfer course may be equivalent without fulfilling these requirements. If this is the case, there will be information in the Notes section on the How Do My Credits Transferpage regarding the equivalency.

Core Liberal Arts

Courses may transfer which are not exactly equivalent to a St. Kate's course, but still meet a core liberal arts requirement. Use the Key to Course Codes to identify if a core requirement has been met.


Associate Students: Only courses that meet a program requirement will transfer. Most programs do not require elective credits.

Baccalaureate Students: Liberal Arts courses that do not fulfill a core requirement and are not equivalent to one of our courses are still eligible for transfer as elective credits. They are applied toward the credit total required within your program for graduation.

  • Vocational or Developmental level courses are not eligible for transfer.

A Course Did Not Transfer or Did Not Transfer as I Expected

A course did not transfer

  • Check the Transfer Policy FAQs first to make sure your course is eligible.
  • It may be that we have not yet received your transcript, or that the grade was not recorded on the transcript.

A course transferred to St. Kate's, but not as I expected

  • If there is a discrepancy between how a course transferred and either a pre-approval you received or the How Do My Credits Transfer page, please contact the Registrar's Office.
  • If the course was evaluated solely on the basis of a course description, you may provide a syllabus for a more detailed review. Be sure to first compare the St. Kate's course description with the transfer institution's course description. Once a syllabus has been reviewed, course equivalencies are final and are not subject to petitions.
  • If the course is for a major or minor requirement, you must submit a substitution request after consulting with your advisor and the department chair of the course.

      New Students: Please submit syllabi to the appropriate Admissions Office.
      Current Students: Please submit syllabi to the Registrar's Office.

Questions about a Core Requirement?

Please check the list of common issues regarding Transferring Core Requirements.