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New Undergraduate Students

New undergraduate students do not have access to online registration for their first term. Online registration is available to students in the second term of their program. New undergraduate students are required to complete a paper registration form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

New Graduate Students

New Graduate Students will be sent information for online registration by the Office of Graduate Admission.

New students who need assistance with the registration process should contact the appropriate Admissions Office:

  • Undergraduate Day & Evening: Office of Admissions: (651) 690-8850
  • Undergraduate Weekend College: Office of Admissions: (651) 690-6542
  • Associate Programs: Office of Admissions: (651) 690-7800
  • Office of Graduate Admissions: (651) 690-6933

Current undergraduate and graduate students

All current students, on both campuses, will use online registration in KateWay, under the "Student" tab.

Registering for an ACTC course

For information on how to register at an ACTC school, consult the current academic catalog. The ACTC Cross-Registration form is available under Forms. For a schedule of courses at each ACTC school, consult the course schedules page.

Adding or dropping courses

You may add or drop courses via the Internet until the published deadlines. After the deadline, you may add (instructor permission required) or drop courses through the Registrar's Office. The Add/Drop form is available under Forms.

Note: Class days are abbreviated on the course schedule.
M = Monday, T= Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday, U = Sunday

The academic calendars contain the deadlines for dropping a course without notation on the transcript.

For information on adding/dropping a class please consult the current Academic Catalog.

Registration Schedules

Students register based on the number of credits they have completed. Current students, please use the registration schedules to find out when you are eligible to register.